Buy sell signal software for NSE


What is NSE?

NSE stands for national stock exchange which is one the leading stock exchange of India located in Mumbai. NSE was the first exchange of India offering the latest and completely automated, electronic trading, allowing investors to trade across India easily and effortlessly. NSE supports more than 3,000 VSAT terminals, making the stock the biggest private wide-area network in India. The National Stock Exchange has been a key point for Indian financial markets; it is the first electronic medium to trade derivatives and ETFs.

Buy sell signal software for NSE

Our software basically gives you buy and sell call for each stock. Each buys and sell signals come up with 3 targets. The first target will give you accuracy up to 95%, the second target gives accuracy up to 92% and in the 3rd target, you can achieve accuracy up to 90%. Each buys and sell signal have specific stop loss which is there to avoid losses in the stock market. The software is designed in such a way that you can use it for Intraday stock trading as well as for positions stock trading. The software won’t confuse you, you will be receiving 1 or 2 calls each day for every symbol and if you have followed these signals properly, then you will definitely earn profit from the stock market

Buy sell signal signal for BHEL

Let’s have a look at the screenshot, It is BHEL’s chart in 15 minutes where you can see buy signal was given at 101.2. The software  have successfully achieved all the targets. Wherein 1st target was given at 101.72 2nd target was at 102.13 and 3rd target was at 103.01. If you have followed the signals properly then definitely you have earn the profit.