Biglivetrade is software company which has developed a software for stock market giving 95% accurate buy sell signal for NSE, MCX, BSE for all the stock market with all segments allowing you to make more money. Our software is developed in such a way that it can be used by beginners and the expert at the same without having any extra knowledge of stock market
Do you provide Free Live demo before purchase?

Yes, person who are interested to see the performance of Biglivetrade Technical Analysis & Buy Sell signal software can see the FREE ONLINE DEMO in LIVE MARKET.

live demo

How do you provide demo?

We will provide demo in real time online through desktop sharing software like Team Viewer, Ammy Admin, Share My PC, etc. Our representative will guide you through all the details for demo.

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What about the software cost is it monthly and one time?

The software cost is one time payment with life time free updates. The only recurring expense is real time data charge for Indian Stock Markets should be paid monthly.We also have Limited Featured Software for half year

The Software Half Yearly Package cost is : INR 5998 (103 USD) 6 months Validity for single user Signal Software + Trading Training

Lifetime Package cost is : INR 13998 (305 USD) Permanent Validity for Multi user Signal Software + Advance indicators & Personal Training + Free Re-Installation (1 PC)

Real Time Data Cost : INR 900 per Month for one Segment

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Your Real time data contains which segments?

We are hiring data from Legal Vendors who are providing real time data for Indian Markets. Following are the segments available now

MCX (Two Contracts)
NSE Cash
NSE Futures
Spot (Gold & Silver)
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Whether the paid amount is refundable?

We provide all the prospects real time free demo to see the LIVE PERFORMANCE before purchasing the software. We are getting necessary files for installation once we make the payment to our mother company. So considering all these the amount once paid will not refund under any circumstances. Take live demo and see the performance before taking decision.

live demo

I am convinced, how do I make the payment?

You can make the payment in following methods

Online Transfer to our Bank Account
Bank Details : State Bank of India – SBI Bank (if Cash Deposit Add 60 Rs. Extra) A/C Name: A/C No. : A/C Type : IFSC Code : Branch :
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How do you install the software after making payment?

Once the payment confirmed by our accounts department, your concerned person will contact you to collect your desktop sharing software’s ID and Passwords. And they will forward to our tech department, once the file is ready for installation, they will connect your system and install the software remotely through online. After the installation will forward the details to your concerned person, they will train you how to use the Biglivetrade Technical Analysis Software. The whole process will take from 10 to 30 minutes depends on your internet speed.

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We put a ton of effort into providing top-notch WordPress tech support

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Whether I can install the software in Two systems?

No, the software license provide only for one system with one ID, you cannot use the software in more than one system, if you need to use in two system in different times, like your home/office PC, our tech person can configure the software in your PEN DRIVE. So you can use the software in two systems.

And if you want to use the software simultaneously in two systems you have to purchase the second system license with offer price. Contact your concerned sales person to purchase second system license if you need.

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What to do if I want to format the system?

You have to contact us through any of following method

Call your concerned person
Send email to support@biglivetrade.com
Our tech person will take necessary back up from your system, and once your formatted your system our tech person will re-install Biglivetrade Technical Analysis Software in your fresh system, this facility provided to customer at free of cost for FOUR times in an year after the purchase.

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