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We at Biglivetrade have developed technical analysis software which provides the best buy sell signal for stock trading. The software can be used for all the segment and market. Our software is capable of providing 95% accurate buy sell signal for all stocks.

“We are here to empower each trader and enable them to become professional trader by automatic buy sell signal software”

Our Service

  • Accurate real-time buy and sell signal software for 59 Stock exchanges
  • 95% accurate signals with world-class technical analysis
  • Above 90% satisfied clients across the globe with an amazing profit managing marathon.
  • Simplistic charting, easy to read and analyse

Our Goal

Our goal is to help our clients to achieve good returns from the market by providing profitable trading signals and at the same time protect their trading capital. Trade less earns more. Our mission is to give the best service to our clients and enable them to make a good profit from share market, commodity market. Our vision is to update every movement of the market.

Fast & Prompt Technical Support

The time is extremely important in trading, therefore we have equipped our technical and support department with high-quality professionals who can handle your queries within 15 to 30 minutes. The customer can contact us our website, Email, Support Tickets, Skype, or can call directly your concerned sales person in the company.

Technical chart analysis software:

Technical analysis is the prediction of upcoming financial price movements depends on the examination of past price movements. It doesn’t result in an absolute forecasting about the future. Instead of that technical analysis can help traders, what is likely to happen to price over time. Technical analyses utilizes a huge amount of charts that show price over time.

Trade over a Cup of Tea

Don’t panic and enjoy your trading at a cup of tea, our software continuously monitors the market for the best buy sell signal and alert you instantly with popup message and sound. You just need to put stop loss and target as the software displays on the screen.Technical analysis is applicable for each stock where the price is influenced by demand and supply.Price data is directly proportional to any combination of open, low, high, volume, close or open interest for a given security over a specific time frame. The time frame can be based on intraday, monthly, weekly or daily price data and last few hours or many years

Optimal Trading Strategies For All Segments

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